Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad, How Can We Become Great Partners?

When When could you choose this program?

You and your parents have conflicts every week and cannot cooperate with each other smoothly.Because of conflicts, you have wasted a lot of time and feel unhappy, even depressed.

How How will you achieve your targets in the program?

  1. You, as the project leader, will invite your parent(s) to join the program.
  2. In the process of your exploration, your family team will cooperate to create a virtual book Mom and dad, How Can We Become Partners? which could be used and iterated anytime.
  3. You will lead your parent(s) to explore why you have to change the situation, and why it is important for you to become great partners.
  4. You and your parents will determine one or two typical case(s), and then work out root causes of challenges, solutions, and an action plan.
  5. Your family team will take action every day and simultaneously iterate your solutions and action plans.
  6. The interactive mode between you and your parents will be changed. For those problems except the interactive mode, you will take action to solve them step by step.
  7. Your family team will summarize the final version of your solutions, achievements, and findings, presenting them to all audiences in the final exhibition of the project.
  8. You will learn how to do a project and solve problems successfully, gaining wonderful friendships with other peers' families.
  9. For your parents: They will join a workshop for parents only and overcome their own challenges.

Support How will WISEA support your exploration?

* Provide all scientific tools, recognized by experts and proven effective.

* Achieve step-by-step targets with the help of a qualified team.

* Join a warm community in which peers have the same goal as you (you also could choose to explore separately).

* To strengthen the new skills, you and your parents are provided with opportunities to work together with WISEA as mentors to help other families.

Case Successful Case

Before WISEA, Rita and her mom painfully struggled with their very tense relationship. After they finished the program together with other families, they could calmly discuss how to overcome challenges through close cooperation, instead of fighting each other.

Rita and her mom analyzed the hard situation and serious impact because of frequent conflicts.

After the program, Rita drew pictures to describe the change in the relationship between her, her sister, and her parents. Each wheel represents a person like an operating system. If all family members can cooperate happily and smoothly, all cogs will gear well.

The virtual book Rita and her mom created in WISEA.

10-year-old Elsa was aware of the root cause of her conflicts with her brother and parents, and she was determined to unite the whole family as partners.

Peer mentors Steven and Eric supported Joseph's family team to take action.

Parent mentor Ivy shared how to help kids to successfully engage in the program.

Parent mentor Lisa supported Eliza’s family team to achieve the target step by step.

Joseph's mom analyzed her parenting style together with other parents.

Parents' mentors supported new parent members to overcome their personal challenges.

When the project ended, WISEA designed a commitment board for each family team as a reminder for them to cooperate with each other as great partners whatever happens in the future.