Relationships Build Good Relationships with Others

When When could you choose this program?

You easily have conflicts with your family members, friends, or classmates. Because of conflicts, you are unhappy often and your bad mood influences your efficiency when executing tasks.

How How will you achieve your targets in the program?

  1. Instead of the traditional learning mode-courses, WISEA will support you to do a self-research project.

  2. Through creating your own virtual book, Build good relationships with others, that could be iterated and used for your whole life, you will study materials related to interpersonal skills and research how to overcome challenges you are facing.

  3. You will co-create the common parts of the book with other peers and present your output as a team to others so that you will strengthen what you learn in the process of creation.

  4. Using 5-step problem-solving skills, you will overcome challenges in relationships with others. Mentors will coach you to figure out typical cases and root causes of challenges. Then you will design solutions and action plans.

  5. You will take action every day and simultaneously iterate your solutions and action plans until your relationships with others proceed smoothly.

  6. You will summarize the final version of your keys to success and solutions, and present them to all audiences in the final exhibition of the project.

  7. You will learn how to do a project and solve problems successfully, and gain wonderful friendships with other peers' families.

Support How will WISEA support your exploration?

* Provide all scientific tools, recognized by experts and proven effective.

* Achieve targets step by step with a qualified team who accompanies you.

* Join a warm community in which peers have the same goal as you (you also could choose to explore separately).

* Strength your new skills with an opportunity to work together with WISEA as a mentor to help other peers.

Case Successful Case

Sunny is very talented in visual arts, but she has few friends because she was embarrassed to express herself in public. In this program, Sunny worked out the root cause and a solution successfully. Her most important achievement was that she became an outstanding public speaker in a competition. Sunny created a wonderful virtual book by drawing all outputs during her self-research in WISEA.

“What is my challenge?”

“What are solutions I can try?”

“What keys to success did I discover for this challenge?”