Passion Discover My True Passion and Meaningful Goal

When When could you choose this program?

You are busy doing many things, but you have not discovered your true passion and a meaningful goal, or you are eager to explore the real world and find your life direction.

How How will you achieve your targets in the program?

  1. With professional consultants' support, you will use scientific tools to identify your possible talent and do complete self-cognition.

  2. Referring to the result of self-cognition, your past exploration, and thoughts on further exploration, we will help you define a half-year plan.

  3. According to your plan, WISEA will introduce resources to you and develop a detailed schedule.

  4. You will record and reflect on your exploration journey, and make adjustments to the plan if necessary.

  5. Once the direction is clear, WISEA will empower you to do a specific project for in-depth exploration.

Support How will WISEA support your exploration?

* Provide all scientific tools which are proven effective.

* Integrate resources with high-quality and help you build project teams when necessary.

* Achieve targets step by step with a qualified team who accompanies you.

* Join a warm community in which peers have the same goal as you (you also could choose to explore separately).

Case Successful Case

Dacheng, the founder of WISEA, is a typical case for this program. Dacheng's original dream is to be a musician because he was found having perfect pitch when he was four years old, and he has kept passionately exploring music every week. He even organized a band called Dream Weaver Band in which he and his team created and performed songs to motivate young people.


The course “Nutrition Science”, which Dacheng took in Grade 9, inspired his interest in health management.Dacheng started a journey of exploration in public health and medical areas for three years.

In May 2021, as the founder and project leader of Boy to Man and WISEA since 2017, Dacheng heard his strong inner voice,“Comparing to saving patients' lives, it is more meaningful for me to empower young people's growth.” He took a self-cognition program to figure out his temperament, personality& character, skills DNA, talent…

Through helping teenagers' families and designing educational programs, Dacheng has experienced many flow moments (a state of mind that occurs when a person is totally immersed in an activity) and has met several outstanding educators as his career models. In the past five years, Dacheng has taken action on two projects, Boy to Man and WISEA, almost daily. He found his true passion in education transformation and dreams to be an innovative educator, empowering young people.

One of Dacheng's flow moments: In order to design effective solutions for parent-child teams who struggle with bad relationships, Dacheng took a summer program to study developmental psychology and parenting science by raising a virtual child. Then, Dacheng researched the passive impact of unhealthy parenting styles and published his first paper.