Happy Self Become a Happy and Efficient Self

When When could you choose this program?

* You lack self-esteem and self-confidence.

* You become easily emotional and take much time recovering from a bad mood.

* You are doing things inefficiently, especially homework.

How How will you achieve your targets in the program?

  1. We will help you figure out typical areas in that you are struggling.

  2. You will discover the root causes of your struggles.

  3. We will coach you to design solutions and action plans.

  4. You will take action every day and iterate simultaneously your solutions and action plans.

  5. Your bad habits or behaviors will be replaced with new ones.

  6. You will design your own virtual book How to Become a Happy and Efficient Self, which could be used and iterated throughout your whole life.

  7. You will independently solve similar problems by using methodologies and tools WISEA offers.

  8. You will summarize the final version of your keys to success and solutions, and present them to all audiences in the final exhibition of the project.

  9. You will learn how to do a project and solve problems successfully, and gain wonderful friendships with other peers' families.

Support How will WISEA support your exploration?

* Provide all scientific tools recognized by experts and proven effective.

* Achieve targets step by step with a qualified team who accompanies you.

* Join a warm community in which peers have the same values and goals as you (you also could choose to explore separately).

* Strengthen your new skills through the opportunity to work together with WISEA as a mentor to help other peers.

Case Successful Case

Jeffery was a primary school student in Hong Kong. He had been very desperate because he could not stop watching videos during online classes, then his performance became bad, and his mom was very anxious.

development status

Step 1: Working together with mom, Jeffery analyzed the typical scenarios, and root causes of watching videos in classes and proposed a solution.

virtual academy

Step 2: Jeffery figured out an action plan.

virtual book

Step 3: Jeffery and her mom took action every day and recorded the behavior changes. They reflected on the effectiveness of the solution and fine-tuned it.

virtual book

Step 4: After more than two months, Jeffery successfully changed. He summarized key principles and methods to handle similar challenges and posted them on the wall to strengthen new behaviors.
virtual book