Own Academy Create My Own Academy, Steer My Life

When When could you choose this program?

* You are facing challenges in self-management and study, or

* Your school can't support your personal development well, or

* You decide to initiate your own self-research on how to become a mature and happy person, or

* You want to learn how to build up independent life skills and an efficient life management system or

* You want to adapt to a fast-changing world well.

How How will you achieve your targets in the program?

  1. Choose a fit mentor from WISEA and start to take action.
  2. Assess your personal development status with WISEA's scanning tool.
  3. Define your life vision, long-term goals, and a one to three-year plan.
  4. Referring to the outputs of items 2 & 3 and WISEA's life management system, define a feasible one-year life management system.
  5. Work out a detailed action plan, and set up your goal management system.
  6. Figure out any missing tools and materials according to the plan. Design your virtual academy and build up a unique studio at your home.
  7. Review your achievements and plan gaps weekly and monthly. Iterate your life management system, goal management system,and action plan.
  8. Refine principles or methodologies for key scenarios in your life, and then practice them until you consistently act with new habits.
  9. Design your own virtual book to record principles/methodologies or valuable cases that could be used, reviewed, and adapted your whole life.

Support How will WISEA support your exploration?

* Provide all scientific tools recognized by experts and proven effective.

* Integrate high-quality resources and help you to build project teams when necessary.

* Achieve step-by-step targets with the help of a qualified team.

* Join a warm community in which peers have the same values and goals as you (you also could choose to explore separately).

* Work together toward opportunities with WISEA as a mentor to help more peers.

Case Successful Case

George was 15 years old, and he could not adapt to the schools his parents found for him. He was ever a top student in public primary school. He had no time to explore what he loved and spent all his time doing homework to earn high scores so that he could get into a top high school. Finally, he gave up and refused to continue… He stayed at home and indulged in video games. His mom contacted Boy to Man for help. After taking this program, George got back on track. This program empowered him to build a well-balanced pace of life, spending time to remain self-aware and thrive in the area of his passion, Aerospace.

development status
Part of George's input when he took the assessment for his personal development status.

virtual academy
George's virtual academy

virtual book
George created his virtual book, collecting principles and case studies for self-regulation,communication with others, study skills, time management…