milestone History

The founder Dacheng witnessed a horrific brawl unfold during a live basketball game. It triggered Dacheng to investigate the root causes of impulsive behaviors. Boy to Man was founded.

Boy to Man Logo


Dacheng started to research different groups of boys and men. He did the first research in a juvenile detention center in China. He realized that these boys’ impulsive behaviors had made a great impact on their personal development, families, and society.

Apr - Aug 2018:

Dacheng decided to design the first program for a group of middle-school boys who lived in a village and were called “trapped students” because of their bad academic performance. Dacheng called on two team members to design the first program for Boy to Man.

Sept 2018-Mar 2019:

The project team investigated reformatory schools. There were thousands of teenagers sent to these schools annually and most of them were boys. The government had invested many resources to change boys’ behaviors, but the result was not good. This phenomenon has driven the founder Dacheng to design effective solutions to help boys who behave with impulsive behaviors.

Apr -Dec 2019:

The project team investigated high-school boys in Tibet, the highest region on earth. The program called “Boy to Man Mutual Help Alliance” was designed and implemented. The project was stopped unexpectedly and all team members left.

Boy to Man at Tibet

Jan - May 2020:

During the outbreak of COVID in China, the founder Dacheng decided to build a virtual community in which the target group of boys and experts co-created the solution together, empowering boys to behave with self-discipline and become self-driven. Around eighty members joined the community, including the boys’ families and educators from six countries. A strategy team was established, with three adults and three boys.

Boy to Man, Go!

Dacheng led some boys to sing a cover song, “Father“ for Father’s Day, inspiring more boys to care for their dads more.

June - Aug 2020:

Dacheng started to led the team to design a total solution for boys. Two key programs were launched: “Roaming Man,” which was designed to evoke boys’ responsibility for themselves and their families, and“Shadow Family,” which introduced models of family teams with father, mother and son, who met personal challenges to coach families with troubled boys.


The total solution for boys was completely designed and implemented with trials:

* Boy to Man Life Management System: criteria for boys' personal development

* Scanning Tool: evaluate boys’ developmental status and define the right goals for different periods

* “To Be Boys’ Gardeners” Camp: empower boys’ parents to learn effective parenting skills

* Boy to Man Alliance: for boys to build a peer team and achieve goals step by step together

Oct 2020 - Dec 2021:

Because the boys’ common challenge was poor communication, unstable emotions, and conflict with others, the project team tried to approach two well-known social & emotional learning (SEL) organizations to tailor solutions, which did not work well for the boys. Dacheng led the team to design two programs and organized trials. Because more and more girls joined the programs, Boy to Man was upgraded to WISEA.


2022 - Present:

Dacheng designed two programs that were proven to successfully help boys and girls, one called “Approaches to Become a Happy Self and have Great Relationship with Others”, and another called “Mom and Dad, How Can We Cooperate as Partners?” aiming to help those parent-child teams who had serious conflicts. In the programs, teenagers took the lead in research and exploration, and their parents supported them as project partners. The user satisfaction rate was 97%.