SEA Membership

Support your professional organization

Affirm your membership in the State Engineering Association, fighting to protect your compensation, workplace rights and retirement benefits.

SEA is conducting a membership drive and asking all existing and prospective members to sign and return a membership application form. Sending in your membership form lets your colleagues and elected officers as well as our elected lawmakers in Madison know that you value the importance of our professional association. SEA looks after both your workplace interests and the cause of good government.

For existing members, the new membership form also will greatly help the Association in updating our membership database and will affirm how you wish to pay your dues going forward. As you may know, the State of Wisconsin does not automatically deduct SEA's modest dues from biweekly paychecks. Current payment options are $17 monthly through electronic transfer from your personal checking account, or discounted annual dues of $200 paid in full via personal check. Please indicate on the membership form how you wish to pay your dues. Open the dues payment information document for details on automatic biweekly deductions.

If you haven't already completed a new membership form, download the membership form below, fill it out and return it to your section president or mail it to the SEA address. Join the many other engineering professionals working for the State of Wisconsin. Renew your support for the only organization determined to look after your workplace rights. Don't wait, act today!

Letter to members pdf

What SEA does for you pdf - Part of your annual dues makes possible SEA's health and retirement consulting.

Accomplishments pdf - See what SEA has done for members.

Dues payment information pdf - $200 annually or $17 monthly

SEA membership enrollment form pdf

The membership year is from September 1 - August 31. By joining SEA, you will have the full benefits of membership. You will receive the SEA View newsletter notification, may attend membership meetings and receive up to date information regarding SEA and related issues.

Friends Of SEA pdf

You may be a retired member of our Association, an engineering or technical professional outside of state government, or even a citizen at large. You agree that it's important to keep Wisconsin's public retirement system and collective bargaining strong. Now one way to do that is by supporting the State Engineering Association as a Friends of SEA member.

Invitation to join pdf

SEA Friends membership enrollment form pdf

Transfer your membership

  1. Download the membership transfer form by right-clicking this link and choosing "Save as".
  2. Membership Transfer form Word
  3. Open the file in Word.
  4. Print out the application and fill it out.
  5. Send the completed application to the SEA office by mail, email or fax to the address above.